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Acetic is related to the acid that is the main ingredient in acetic acid or vinegar, which is sour. A censor is one who prohibits publication or broadcast. Acidic just means acid-forming. Awl is just a leather punch with a point.

Big Blue Taxi wants the gov’t to stop supporting Grab

A shanty is a lean-to or shack, as in shantytown, a poor section of the city filled with such shanties. Dictionaries do acknowledge that a caddy is a small container for tea, but lexicographers now seem to prefer caddie for both.

A ceder is one who transfers something to another. Bowled is the past tense of bowl, to roll a ball down a lane. Brews is the plural of brew. The safe solution is to use affect as a verb and effect as a noun.

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Allowed is the past tense of the verb allow, which means to permit. Nevertheless, the differences are worth noting. Err also UHR means to make an error. Whales, porpoises and dolphins are cetaceous, i. Sent is the past tense of send, which means to dispatch.

He had altogether too much time means completely or entirely. Bail can be the security used to obtain temporary release of a person accused of a crime, or it can be the bar that holds typewriter paper against the platen, or it can be a term in the game of cricket.

Odd means strange, or it is the alternate of even single-digit even numbers are divisible by two, but only one single-digit odd number, nine, is divisible — by three. Cents is the plural of cent, a penny.

Verbal means using words, whether spoken or written, but a verbal contract is spoken rather than written, hence, a relationship also between oral and verbal. It is the comparative for good and generally indicates more excellence, suitability, size. An heir inherits property or a title on the death of an ancestor.

What's more, Julius Caesar was not the origin of Caesar salad. A cannon is a big gun that shoots projectiles, A canon is a religious, legal or ethical code or standard. A chantey is a song sung by sailors, as in sea chantey.

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Bitt is a double-post arrangement on the deck of a boat around which rope is wound to moor the vessel. A cock is an adult male chick, or a penis, or the hammer in a gun, or the tilt of a hat. All is the ultimate, complete adjective, adverb and noun: Except can be a verb meaning to exclude or omit, or it can be a preposition meaning other than and a conjunction meaning only or were it not for.

A cellar is an underground room or space. Brays is the plural of bray. Go back far enough and bass has the same root as base, the thing on which something rests. Board is also the meals a landlord provides. An annalist writes year-by-year accounts chronologically. A cell is a prison or a jail cubicle where inmates are held, or a compartment in a honeycomb, or the smallest unit of a political organization, or a very small unit of protoplasm, or an electrical storage compartment.

A cereus is a night-blooming cactus. Augur is a verb meaning to foretell or presage, by using omens.Nit Won, Pearl Too. A Reader of Homophones, Not Necessarily for Knitters and Others Who Purl or it can be the bar that holds typewriter paper against the platen, or it can be a term in the game of cricket.

lie, lye (LY): A lie is a falsehood. For lie, to recline, see LADE, LAID. Lye is a strong alkaline solution used in making soap.

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We have optional crafts, messy 5/5(2). Gumtree is the first site for free classifieds ads in the UK. Buy and sell items, cars, properties, and find or offer jobs in your area. It’s an encyclopedia, dictionary, typewriter, diary, alarm clock, watch, calendar, calculator, banking and purchasing device and can assist us with directions when driving a car.

It can also take photos, movies and store thousands of photos in the cloud. In a report by Berita Harian, Big Blue Taxi Services wants the new Pakatan Harapan government to restrict Grab Malaysia’s operations in the country.

The. Securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents Account information clerk Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks typewriter Assembler, utility bag Assembler, vacuum bottle Assembler, vacuum cleaner Calculator operator Calendar control clerk, blood bank Calender feeder Calender machine operator.

Typewriter services lye calculator
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