Thesis on taxation in india

Of course there are some means to circumvent them and to keep the anonymity. But we cannot stop the development of new payment technologies in order to fight crime including money launderingsince some of these features are important for lawful commercial activities, too.

Universities in Pakistan teach comparative constitutional law, comparative human rights law and comparative jurisprudence as mandatory subjects. A conventional sales tax leads to compounding of tax liability, while VAT does not. The cascading effect is brought about by the existing structure of taxation where inputs are taxed before a commodity is produced and the output is taxed after it is produced.

This is called the depersonalization of financial operations. At the same time, the systems suffer from substantial compliance gaps, except in the highly organized sectors of the economy.

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Terrorist organizations raise funding from legitimate sources, including the abuse of charitable entities or legitimate businesses or self financing by the terrorists themselves. VAT is a consumption tax Thesis on taxation in india the ultimate burden of the tax is borne by the final end consumer.

Most universities offer only a small number of LL. This is leviable by the Finance Act, And as criminals and terrorists across the world get increasingly cyber-savvy, they make more and more frequently use of the above mentioned advantages of the internet and thus succeed in always staying several steps ahead of most law enforcement officers, who are only gradually starting to get to grips with the virtually unlimited possibilities of the worldwide web.

At the state level the advantage of vat is that it is a multi-point tax with set-off for tax paid on purchases and it prevents repeated taxation of the same product. GST will be applicable to all Goods and Services sold or provided in India, except from the list of exempted goods which fall outside its purview.

However, these services are more prone to attack by the cyber criminals. They can allow criminals to move billions of dollars without using banks at all. Although it requires a considerable amount of expertise to comment on such a specialized subject, what should students do to write impressive taxation dissertations?

Master's degree of Law in India was in earlier times of 2 years but at present it is of only 1 year. The same thing can be done by on-line gambling sites. In essence it makes hiding the illicit source of money easier and difficult to trace.

New payment technologies permit to move funds more rapidly on long distances and make law enforcement work even more complicated.

It came into effect in all parts of the country except Jammu and Kashmir. It is a booming industry in the Internet. In case a foreign country subsidises its exporters for exporting goods to India, the Central Government may impose additional import duty equal to the amount of such subsidy or bounty.

However, using Internet based financial services is possible on all stages of money laundering process. Charities and alternative remittance systems have also been used to disguise terrorist movement of funds.

Another business that can be useful for launderers is the auction sale. It is a matter of time before the GST is going to be passed.

Smart cards Smart cards may make it easier for the launderer to transfer illicit funds without detection by law enforcement and financial institutions.

Now and then we can find terrorist attacks being made by terrorists. There are several steps involved in determining the residential status of a person.

However, in terms of Rule 6 of Service Tax Rules,the tax is permitted to be paid on the value received. The course name, university and country of research for instance: India[ edit ] In Indiathe thrust of legal education is on the undergraduate law degrees with most of those opting for the undergraduate law degree either going forward to enroll themselves with the Bar Council of India and start practicing as Advocates or giving legal advice without being eligible to appear in courts a consequence of non-enrollment.There are two types of taxes in India.

Direct Tax – means the taxes which are paid directly by the person on whom it imposed. For example- Income Tax, Property Tax, Wealth Tax, Gift Tax etc.

Indirect Tax – means the tax whose Burden can be transferred to others. For example-. The Benefits of Progressive Taxation Essays Words 8 Pages Thousands of years ago, in ancient Athens, the city was relatively a paradise, they had civilization, they had theater, they had the arts; they also had an absolute flat tax, everyone paid the exact same tax.

The Income Tax jurisprudence in India – some observations. Today the Income-tax Act. is a national shame. There is no other case in Indian law of an Act mutilated by more than 3. amendments in less than 30 old ages. KEYWORDS: Taxation, Value Added Tax, Tax Revenue, State Taxes, India INTRODUCTION The reform of the tax system was an important component of structural adjustment initiated in MASTER’S DEGREE THESIS DIRECT TAX REFORMS IN INDIA- POLICY INITIATIVES AND DIRECTIONS NEW DELHI, OCTOBER, MANOJ PANDEY.

Author’s Statement I, Manoj Pandey, hereby certify to be the author of this Master’s Degree thesis that was agricultural income tax, indirect taxes comprise mainly of customs, union excise duties, service tax.

Essays; Cyber Money Laundering in India; Cyber Money Laundering in India. 10 October Internet gambling has been identified – by experts in the field of money laundering and tax evasion – as a potentially ideal web-based service to legitimize ill-gotten gains.

In the real world casinos are used to launder dirty money.

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Thesis on taxation in india
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