How i felt my first day kindergarten

The Pip Squeaks team showed their strength, patience and experience to ease my worries for a parent going back to work. My 2nd grade report card said, " 1. From the first orientation to now with Jack having been at the centre for almost two months, we could not be happier with everyone's level of GENUINE care.

November 14, at 1: Again, my husband and I really appreciate all your love and hard work for Abbie. Although first graders in Finland usually spend just four hours at school, these break times obviously reduce the total number of hours that they log in the classroom.

What NOT to Do the First Day of School

My mother answered me and said that they left their children here to play. This post contains affiliate links. You know she's had a great day when she comes home with paint under her finger nails, disheveled hair from dress ups and the scent of sunscreen from her outdoor play.

Well done, all round! THANK YOU THANK YOU, Early childhood educators are not thanked enough, people are quick to tell you what you are not doing well but never the positive, so keep up your hard work, continue to advocate on behalf of the children and enjoy everyday with the beautiful children in your lives.

Emma Mar, We found the staff very informative.

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Most importantly, all the staff are excellent, kind and compassionate, which are key to connecting with children. So as that brave, crazy kindergarten teacher ushers you out tomorrow and closes the door behind you, be proud. The staff who work with Jacob on a daily basis demonstrate a sincere commitment to their role and it is quite evident from Jacob's reaction when we walk in the room that he really loves spending the time with them.

And glue the flippers inside the belly! Not sure how it would have turned out if we'd sent him straight through, but I can attest that he is a leader in all things he does — athletically, professionally, and socially. Most importantly, the staff have been fantastic, and have made our transition so smooth.

It can also be so strange when a memory from your past can remain so clearly in your mind, after considerably for a long period of time. Louise April, All three of our kids have attended or are currently attending SmartiePants since and love it!

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I am not an artist, but I hope you find this helpful! Leaving your babies with others is always daunting but the educators have always put me at ease with how welcoming and inviting they are.LaDon Simeoni English J Stazinski How I felt on the first day of kindergarten One of my scariest event that I went through in life, when I was younger was going to school for the very first time.

Using Rhythm Instruments to Tell a Story. This lesson plan is designed to teach students the concept of rhythm in a song, by listening to music and playing instruments to represent actions. It's here! It's finally here! I know it has been a few months in the making, but I am so ecstatic to finally share photos from my new classroom design with all of you today.

In the hallways of my Finnish school, I often observe first graders packing up their backpacks to go home at Even though the school year began in August, this is still a strange sight for me. Oh, where to begin! My (just turned) 5 year old started Kindergarten this year too.

Tomorrow will be day five of her first full week and the meltdowns have been plentiful. Little Shepherd offers a homey atmosphere in a quiet neighborhood, conveniently located just west of downtown Naperville.

The warmth of the school is apparent in each bright, colorful and inviting classroom.

How i felt my first day kindergarten
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