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Header by Robin Rendle robinrendle on CodePen. By embracing clean, semantic markup and taking advantage of some of the less well known features of CSS, you can create easily maintainable solutions that include considerations for low vision, a condition that affects a not-insignificant amount of the population.

Images, including SVGs, are one of the types of content that do not automatically translate so well in High Contrast Mode—this is one of the many reasons why making your images accessible is so important. A beautiful command-line prompt for node. Always put child nodes in an array if true; otherwise an array is created only if there is more than one.

SYNC missed versions from official npm registry. The fewer exceptions you have to juggle, the easier things are to maintain.

Changing these allows you to customize the appearance of your prompts! The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems.

The footnote and bibliography etc. High Contrast 1, High Contrast 2, High Contrast Black, High Contrast White If you are working with an icon system, and your icons are simple enough that they can be reduced to one color without losing meaning, you may want to consider hooking all your high contrast tweaks to the same immutable class that controls all the other icon styling: And I would highly recommend that designers and front-end engineers alike experiment making little tools like this.

Determines whether whitespace-only text nodes should be included. The corresponding GUI search is [1].

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Getting Basic Prompt Information Getting started with prompt is easy. Installation Simplest way to install xml2js is to use npmjust npm install xml2js which will download xml2js and all dependencies. NET convention of prefixing an interface's name with a capital "I", which I think better communicates that this is an interface.

This works starting with xml2js 0. You can hope everything goes well anyway. This communicates what methods are available and what data the class uses.

This is useful when dealing with APIs that return variable amounts of subtags. Okay, then I'll look at it. More importantly, it leaves the high contrast presentation predictable, something that is incredibly important to the people who rely on it for their day-to-day browsing.

Battle of Osan References. I shall add it to my to-do list alas a fairly long one. However, there are only what, 20ish VPT archives from prior to your given date, by this time one probably could have right-clicked along the list to open a pile of tabs, then browsersearch for a key term?

That being said, when someone sees a constructor function, such as your LiveChatListener function, they expect it to be an instantiable, usable class.

It supports bi-directional conversion. Processing attribute, tag names and values Since 0. Any help would be appreciated. But if you know you really found a bug, feel free to open an issue instead.

You can create one xml2js. The dist directory would have packaged and minified versions of every major release. Previously in the times we worked with our local Apache servers -- it was always a bit tedious and also caused a lot of time running into the project setup for every team member.

Vision disabilities, including low vision, are more common than you might realize—an estimated million people are reported to have a low vision impairment. Setting up a proxy Search your connect task in your Gruntfile and add this little snippet: Running tests, development The development requirements are handled by npm, you just need to install them.Yeoman uses Grunt to allow you to run a connect server with the command 'grunt server'.

I'm running my angular application in html5 mode. According to the angular docs, this requires a modification of the server to redirect all requests to the root of the application (, since angular apps are single page ajax applications.

Troubleshooting: If you had previously installed a development version of Grunt or any grunt-contrib plugins, be sure to flush your npm cache with npm cache clean first to ensure that you are pulling the final version of Grunt and grunt-contrib plugins.

The grunt-connect-rewrite seems to be working fine with examples that I can find, but removing file extensions files seems to be killing me.

The rule here is. Description.

Enable POST/REST requests in grunt-contrib-connect

Helper for grunt-contrib-watch. Watch file changes and execute tasks only on changed files. Publisher. Type node -v to ensure it works correctly: 2. install and configure Grunt. Grunt is a JavaScript task runner which can finish repetitive task for you.

In this tutorial, I use it to launch local NodeJS server automatically.

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Installation could be done via command line: npm install -g grunt-cli Once. Feb 28,  · This post will about Grunt-contrib-connect. This allows you to create a web-server to view the application. This allows you to create a web-server to .

Grunt contrib connect re write anime
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